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Marlene Letourneau

Real Estate Listings Near Belleville, ON

The decision to buy a home requires forethought, planning and help. An experienced realtor can help sort through real estate listings to find you the perfect home.

How to Choose the Right Home

Choosing the right home is no small task, and it's likely a choice you have to live with (and in) for years. The best way to start is to envision the perfect place before checking any real estate listings. What kind of yard space does it have? How much is the monthly mortgage payment? Is it within walking distance of shops and restaurants or closer to outdoor recreation? Once you have an ideal home in mind, then you and an experienced realtor, like myself, can narrow down your search to places that check all or almost all of your boxes.

Living Near Belleville

Belleville, ON and its surrounding areas are wonderful places that attract retirees, first-time buyers, military personnel and everyone in between. People are drawn to Belleville and the Bay of Quinte by the stunning natural beauty, friendly residents and unique blend of small-town charm with cosmopolitan arts, culture and cuisine. It's not hard to see why the region has experienced a growth in population as more and more people learn about all it has to offer.

If you've decided to live in the Belleville area, you've already made a great decision. Now find the perfect place for you and your family with a little help from Marlene Letourneau, Sales Representative.

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